Bad Dog Pictures is ready to be your production tool box

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Need a big crew, small crew or a support team for your production?

Bad Dog can be your production collaborator.

We’ve been partnering with production companies and agencies for quite a few years and can tailor crew & gear to fit your project.

Our cast of characters includes DP’s, DIT’s, gaffers, grips, audio guys, teleprompter ops, PA’s, jib ops and any other support crew you are looking for.

We’d love to take your project, solve your problems and put the right team and gear together for your creative vision. Our multi-disciplined team has broad experiences working on national, regional and local commercials, high end and everyday corporate projects and helped cable and network broadcast outlets get their message on the air.

If you need a small and nimble crew for interviews or b-roll, that’s us too.

Looking for production management? We can manage casting, location scouting, producing services, payroll and financial management. We can provide one invoice to make life easy on your accounting team.

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