First off, at BDP we understand a couple things about you. Yeah, YOU.

familyCome see us and we will talk photomano to photomano and get you on your way back to filling out those invoices that keep your rent paid and shiny new gear in your hands.  We have everything you need to get the job done professionally and right the first time.

So whether you want to rent equipment or own it, we are prepared to help you with questions, recommendations and even biased opinions as to what works and what doesn’t.

Come on in and let’s get acquainted, we’ve got a story too… 

Featured Rentals

Bad Dog Production – We Know More Than Just One Trick.

We have experienced traveling down the complicated road to creativity and found out quite frankly, often it sucks. Don’t do it.
We can show you how to take a complicated plan, a story, a shoot, or an idea and give you the gear to make it simple.
Cameras to Kinos; Sliders to shotguns; Jibs to Gennies; We’ve got you covered.


Works like this: You have a vision. You need tools to make that vision into reality.

Renting isn't Ruff.

Wait?  What?  What are these tools you speak about? Why…all the delicious timesaving, muscle relaxing, gigdity-gagdets that we have at BDP.
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Looking to buy, and need help making the call? We're always adding new tricks.

We've Got It All

Of course you can rent it!
you can purchase it.
It’s like finding out your
favorite candy is good for you.
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How do you think we know what to put into rental inventory?

Pick of the Pack

Production? Looking for crews? the best DIT in town? or the whole enchilada?  So, slide over here, and give me a moment, We’ve got to let you know.
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