About Bad Dog

It’s a humble story from 1993.  You know the usual tome, it all started with a dollar bill, a garage and a camera –  until the better half wanted the house back.

And the name, well, we need some real fiction here for a really good story, but we eventually found out it was an ex-husband’s nick-name.

Yeah, things got busy, gear accumulated, somebody needed a job and the rental business sprang to life.  And so here we are.

The Bad Dog muse is a desire to be a positive asset for the St. Louis and Midwest production communities. Openness and teamwork are our hallmark.  Good gear at a good price is our badge.

At one point, St. Louis production was a dark and protective lair.  Some days it still is. We’ve sought to change it. Our knowledge is your knowledge, our gear is your gear, our studio is your studio.

Collaborators most days; Friendly competitors on occasion; Makes all ships rise. Bad business? Maybe.  But it’s the way we want it to be.

Eric now runs the show.  Customer service is king.  Good information about gear, prepped and ready are the goals for this long haired leaping gnome. Married, three girls, 4 chickens.

And there’s Mike, kinda like Eric’s Igor.  Gear prepper extraordinaire. Takes care of our social media and all round good guy.  Married, three kids, no chickens.

Our feedback about these two guys is pretty good.  Just ask ‘em; maybe it would be better to ask our customers.

On the sales front, we ask you to support local business and understand the difference between online sales and hometown sales.

Eric and Mike are here to give you rental and purchase advice from experience; we provide loaner gear for free if you have ordered from us.  Try to get that from a big box internet supplier.

We understand price is price for all the bean counters.  Price isn’t always price for the folks who have gear go down.   And price isn’t always price when it comes to paying for schools and roads and police.  Support your local vendors; you really do want us around.

Thanks for all the business.  Know that you are appreciated.  Tell us what you need that we don’t have; Feedback is always appreciated.

Now, let’s all get off our duffs and go make some movies.